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Today, my husband and I combine two families, each with over 100 years in the cattle business. Our kids, Cole and Laynie are very much a part of everything we do, and always a big help! (If the cattle don’t have a good enough disposition for the kids to be around them… those cattle don’t need to be on our place.)

We strive to continue to raise top quality Registered Red Angus. We also run commercial cattle, embryo transfer recipients, raise dryland and irrigated crops, and help with the fam- ily business of selling Natural Beef. We believe being involved from start (insemination) to finish (packaged beef) is very beneficial to our cattle operation. We see firsthand the things that are working well, and the things that we need to change!


I was raised in a commercial cow/calf and heifer development operation near Wheatland, WY. At the age of 9 I picked and purchased my first heifer. If it is true you learn more from your mistakes than successes – this cow turned out to be a wealth of knowledge.

I attended the University of Wyoming and earned a degree in Animal Science. Since that time I have worked in the Packing Industry, Em- bryo transfer facility, Cooperative Extension Ser- vice, Custom AI Business, as well as my family’s ranch and Heifer and Bull Development
lot. Every step of the way has given me a piece of knowledge to help define the cow herd as it is today. In 1998, after working with many breeds of cattle and crosses, I bought my first Red Angus and started into the breed I thought to be the best of all I had seen.

Jason & Kim Cullen Goertz
2 South Goertz Road
Wheatland, Wy. 82201
[email protected]


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